Of Utensils and Rules

Fortress of Dissolitude

silverware2b Have you ever noticed just how many utensils there are in the world? Hundreds of billions of forks and spoons and table knives.

I have enough utensils for five families. People just kept giving it to me. I certainly don’t want it all. It sucks that I’m too lazy to sort it out and find new homes for it.

But who would take it? Everyone has too many utensils. Ever been to a thrift store? One thrift store has enough forks for every household within a ten block radius. And what about flea markets and estate sales and retail stores. They’re like zucchini. I’m surprised people haven’t started placing bags of spoons outside my door when I’m not home.

And people keep buying more. And companies keep making more. It’s not like they bloody wear out. Sure sometimes they break and Johnny sometimes ruins one in the sandbox. But seriously.

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