Film Photo Manipulation, B.P (Before Photoshop)

Visual Individual

The National Gallery of Art in D.C. is having an exhibit featuring photography manipulation before Photoshop. Photographers have been manipulating and editing their images long before we had fancy editing software. We are so used to people making these changes on computers that it’s strange to think about how they could be done without current technology.

How did they do it? Well dodging and burning were terms that stemmed from an actual darkroom, not from computer programs. In simple explanation using a film negative and photo paper, dodging decreases the exposure for areas of the print that the photographer wishes to be lighter, while burning increases the exposure to areas of the print that should be darker.

I don’t know exactly how these images are created but we can guess. Double exposures, layering negatives or going as far to actually cut up and creatively place negatives on the photo paper while using a paper…

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